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Wordfoto Selfie: iPad Activity


This activity is an adaption from the ebook, ESL Games for 21st Century Brains and can be used for any language. The Wordfoto app and PicMusic app are only $1.99 each and are great 21st century tools for language learning through art and technology. The 10 words that the student chooses to describe themselves develop vocabulary acquisition skills and the Share and Discuss phase allows them to compare and contrast selfies to practice their language skills. Let us know how it works!


Print out a Word Wheel (i.e. see below) to find 10 words to describe yourself.

Download the Wordfoto app and the PicMusic app.

1. Open the Wordfoto app.
2.  In the top menu bar select the Camera feature to snap a photo of yourself.
3. In the bottom menu bar select the Text feature to add 5-10 words that describe yourself. (Examples: How you feel, think and work, places you love to be/visit, where you are from, favorite hobbies, musical styles, genres, etc. Stay away from brand names)
4. In the bottom menu bar select a Style. Play around with options.
5. In the bottom menu bar select FineTune and try out different settings.
6. Select Re-Render to create different word patterns. Select the down arrow to close that menu.
7. Once you find something you like, select the Upload button in top menu bar. Select Save Image to save to the iPad photo library.
8. Instructor: Open PicMusic iPad app and create a slide show by selecting all the selfie photos.
9. Share and Discuss. As a class, project or print out the selfies to share and discuss the selfies. This is where you can have students try out new vocabulary and speaking skills.



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