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Intermediate Spanish

What Makes the Intermediate Kit Different Than the Beginner Kit?

The Sube Level B program is designed for children who have completed Sube Beginner Level A or who begin this program with the appropriate proficiency level. As with Level A, this curriculum is divided into eight units. Each unit introduces a new theme and includes four ready-to-go one-hour modules. These modules can be used as a template to create additional lessons.

The Sube Curriculum — Introduction

The goals of Level B are to reinforce vocabulary learned in the beginner level and introduce new vocabulary and language structures to deepen the students’ understanding of the Spanish language and their ability to communicate effectively at a higher level. Throughout the year, the objective is to teach the child how to construct and deconstruct the language to internalize its structure and usage.

Grammar is now introduced through games: for example, Tú y yo, ¡a brincar! for learning how to conjugate, ¿Esta o esa? for learning to use demonstrative adjectives appropriately and ¿Por qué? Porque to learn correct grammatical usage.

As with Sube Level A, the children express themselves through movement, art, writing and interactive games with every new theme. Each class is divided into five categories: Conversation, Flashcards, Activities, Activity Book and Video. This variety of media makes the class fast-moving and fun for the kids.


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What's Inside

Teacher's Lesson Manual

143-page Teacher’s Lesson Manual is the heart of Sube’s curriculum.

Picking up where the Beginner’s Manual left off, the Intermediate Manual advances students from “the basics” to a more grammar-focused proficiency.

Spanish intermediate grade 3-5 teacher's lesson manual

But don’t worry: grammar doesn’t mean boring.

The entire Intermediate Kit still revolves around the same fun, conversational, and multisensory approach your classes (and you) have come to count on and love.

  • 8 Thematic Units
  • 32 Individual Lesson Plans
  • 100+ Projects & Games
  • Curriculum Overview
  • Benchmark Evaluation Charts to Track Students
  • Standards Quick Reference Chart for ACTFL
  • Unit Tests
  • Curriculum Map 


Intermediate teaching Spanish lesson examples

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Interaction Flashcards

What’s so special about flashcards?
Answer: everything.

SSL vocabulary flashcards intermediate Spanish Sube

160 laminated cards color-coded by theme: Beginner (A) Review, Family, School, Nature, Transportation, Career, Amusements, and Intermediate (B) Review.

Durable, versatile, and fun… these simple yet fully integratable flashcards are just one of the custom touches that sets Sube apart from the competition.

Watch the flashcards come to vibrant and full-sentence life in the music videos, the books, the worksheets, and hundreds of multisensory activities.

Combining Sube’s unique “spiraling” technique with a nearly inexhaustible supply of classroom management strategies and teaching tips, these one-of-a-kind flashcards do more than you ever thought possible:

  • Learn & Review Vocabulary
  • Develop Speaking & Conversation Skills
  • Learn sentence structure and basic grammar
  • Integrate with art to reinforce learning
  • Play Games… Tons of Games
  • Even Engage in Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

And forget about matching up content.

Sube’s Flashcards, Lesson Manual, Activity Book, and Music Videos are all built around the same themes, vocabulary words, and communication skills.

Games like “Show and Tell,” “Donde Esta,” and the “Silly Sentence Game” (just to name a few) gently coax students into speaking in full sentences and experimenting with their new language.

Similarly, the call-and-response activities for both groups and individuals make this a powerful tool for real world language proficiency.


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Student Activity Books

58-page, spiral-bound Activity Book is fully reproducible and handout ready for classrooms, schoolwide and districtwide.

Learn Spanish elementary curriculum student activity book

Organized thematically, each of the Activity Book’s 8 units provides 6 to 8 individual worksheets that reflect and reinforce material from that month’s activities, games, and songs.

Perfect for in-class activities or take-homes, the worksheets include:

  • Vocabulary Exercises
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Multiple Choice
  • Subject, verb, adjective exercises
  • Sentence making activities
  • And Coloring… just for the fun of it
  • Multisensory integration equals more long-term retention and fewer wandering eyes.

And, you’ll never have to hunt for matching content again.

Developed to work hand-in-hand with Sube’s Lesson Manual, Flashcards, and Music Videos, each of the Activity Book’s four-week units are built on the very same set of vocabulary and communication skills as the Kit’s other resources.

Teaching grade school Spanish teacher testimonial

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Esa Cosa Rara Storybook

Bring back all the animals from the Beginner Kit’s Culebra Puzzle
... and bring them to life.

SSL Spanish grade 3-5 story book

Manual Each page of the Storybook traces animals’ journey as they try to explain the origins of a mysterious object in their path that seems to have no beginning and no end.

But don’t be fooled. Esa Cosa Rara is much more than just a storybook.

By dividing the book into four chapters corresponding to four of the Sube themes, the story becomes a powerful tool for reinforcing flashcard vocabulary and sentence construction.

Each colored page has an accompanying black-and-white worksheet which not only repeats the story line but adds comprehension questions to engage students with discussion and dialogue. More advanced students can be challenged to lead these discussions on their own.

As an extra treat, the coiled binding and layout makes it easy to fold the book and face the story portion outward with the guide and questions facing you. No more stiff necks and awkward flipping for you. And no more “I can't see!” from your students.

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Sing-Alongs Music Videos

8 original songs in both DVD and CD format.
Two interactive products in one.

Authentic Latin music written exclusively for Sube introduces students to the native sounds of Central and South America.

Golpe Tuyero from Venezuela, music from the Andes, Cumbia from Colombia, Murga from Uruguay, and more all brought to life in original, vibrant, and educational videos that show children engaged in the real-life activities they love.

Built on the same vocabulary from the Kit’s Interaction Flashcards and content from the Lesson Manual and Activity Book, each song corresponds to one of the eight (8) monthly themes: Beginner (A) Review, Family, School, Nature, Transportation, Career, Amusements, and Intermediate (B) Review.

Integrated with Sube’s other games and activities, this multimedia package also includes a series of...

...musical background sheets for delving deeper into the history and culture of Latin music.

Manual Plus, by bringing together the rhythms, sights, and sounds from different Latin America countries, these Sing-Alongs nurture students’ understanding and appreciation of other cultures and their relationship to language.

Lyrics in both English and Spanish are included. 

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¡Ay Caramba! Bingo

32 Laminated Cards.
32-page Bingo Book.
100 Colorful Chips.

When the Bingo card's full, shout out “¡Ay Caramba!”

Played in teams, this fun and energetic adaption of Bingo encourages both fast-paced learning and cooperation.

Bingo does it all.

Detailed teaching strategies spiral and deepen learning by moving students from identifying vocabulary, to comprehending sentences, to constructing their own. Bingo even exercises critical-thinking skills by challenging students to solve game-winning language problems.

Want to change things up?

Let your students play independently as small groups to develop their interpersonal skills. Conversation starters like “Yo lo tengo...,” “Me gustan las vacas!...,” and “Mi camisa es roja...” add structure and create the kinds of real-word interactions that make for lasting learning.

For teachers...

The Bingo Book includes thumbnail pictures of each card along with its corresponding vocabulary word and literally hundreds of full-sentence samples to make developing your students’ communication skills easy regardless of their proficiency or grade levels.

Challenge your advanced students by letting them be the caller and using the Bingo Book to guide them.

Each sets corresponds to each of the eight Sube level B themes: Beginner (A) Review, Family, School, Nature, Transportation, Career, Amusements, and Intermediate (B) Review.


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    ¡La Bruja Mágica! & ¡Escuela Encantada!

    64 ¡La Bruja Mágica! Cards.
    81 ¡Escuela Encantada! Cards.
    145 Cards in All.

    Fast-paced and fun, ¡La Bruja Mágica! is played in the first unit which reviews vocabulary from the Beginner Level A kit and motivates students to form simple two-and three-part sentences.

    ¡La Bruja Mágica! is a lot like “Old Maid,” with one huge exception… instead of reinforcing negative stereotypes of women by getting “stuck” with the old maid card and losing the game, in the ¡La Bruja Mágica!, the only way to win is to eliminate all their sentence cards and keep the happy dancing woman card in hand.

    Picking cards from their peers or from the deck, builds excitement and creates a powerful language challenge: sentence making.

    Students experience grammar in a fresh and exciting way...

    ...when the card they draw completes their sentence or when they have to decide between articles and adjectives or risk starting over with a whole new sentence.

    The action really gets going when the one and only ¡La Bruja Mágica! card surfaces from the deck and starts making its way around the room.

    ¡La Escuela! reinforces vocabulary from the School theme and the rhythmic phrasing from the La Escuela music video. (El pincel es....para pintar., La regla es....para medir.) Students watch as the phrases they've been singing along to and playing with through flashcard games come together in written sentences that have to be pieced together like a puzzle.

    The same exciting game rules from ¡La Bruja Mágica! apply here.

    Students get a set of 6-8 cards and the remaining are placed in a deck in the center. Players can pick a card from either the student next to them, or from the deck. If they have one of the wildcards, they can choose from any player.

    The game continues until one student manages to get all their cards on the ground in full sentences and has the winning card in hand.

    Intermediate Spanish curriculum teacher testimonial


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      Art & 21st Century Skills

      100+ inspiring and creative activities built right into your lesson.

      Whether you’re looking for quick-and-easy art projects for daily application or if you want extended, collaborative projects to spread out over a month or more, Sube’s curriculum lets you choose the size and scope right for you.

      These simple, effective, and fun activities not only develop communication skills they also prepare your students for the 21st century by focusing on creativity, innovation, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving.

      Designed with an artist’s eye, and a teacher’s heart...

      Every project is a multisensory adventure. And, because they're built into the lesson plans and supplemental activities themselves, engaging your students in these fun, creative, and innovative ways couldn't be easier.

      All the activities include detailed instructions, preparation guides, materials inventories, skills lists, and alternative versions for different proficiency levels.

      Add a bit of cool to your class and bring your lessons into the real world.

      ManualDaily projects like “Mi Aula” prompt individual students to make a map of their classroom and then to draw, personalize, and discuss as many items as they can.

      Students learn to think creatively and explore their evironment as they apply their new language skills through drawing, modeling, map-making, and more.

      Group projects like “All Aboard” spark the imagination first by getting teams to build a cardboard bus, train, or taxi and then having them travel around their school or neighborhood...

      All the while learning vocabulary and constructing sentences from the Transportation Unit.

      Extended projects like “Town Mural” get everyone involved by guiding your class through the process of constructing an entire city with all its buildings, professions, civic duties, and vehicles on one, giant poster.

      Even better, collaborative projects such as mural making, presentations, and game development teach students to work creatively with others and communicate their ideas in teams, opening their minds to new and diverse perspectives.


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