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Sube Founder, Agnes Chavez, in HipLatina

Agnes chavez artist science technology

Sube Founder and Developer, Agnes Chavez, is interviewed by Diana Rico on Hip Latina.

"Chavez is a living example of the creativity and innovation skills she imparts to youth. In 1996, when she wanted to teach her two-year-old son Spanish, she developed a method that combined art, music, and games—the things kids naturally like to do—and then created an education business based on that approach. Now in its 20th year, SUBE, her award-winning language-teaching system, has been used to teach more than half a million kids worldwide.

We spoke with Chavez about how she integrates arts education into STEM subjects, the surprising similarities between art and physics, and why she believes science can save us from ourselves (it’s not what you think).

Read the Hip Latina article to hear about the latest developments in STEM + art education to enhance your language curriculum.




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