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Sube's 6 Real-World Advantages

Developing a Successful District-Wide Language Program

Over the last 20 years, Sube’s had the privilege of serving over 500,000 students in over 6000 classrooms.

One of our most recent shared successes came through the West Palm Beach School District in Florida. Maritza Barbieri, assistant principal at North Grade Elementary, explains:

"In order to enrich our future and become bilingual at our schools, North Grade Elementary along with the entire West Palm Beach School District adopted Sube!

When a teacher has implemented Sube with fidelity and remains in the target language, I can always tell whom their students are as they display the highest level of confidence and pride when communicating in Spanish!"

Maritza Testimonial Photo SubeMaritza Barbieri
Administrator, West Palm Beach School District

Research shows that providing a sequential and comprehensive curriculum from grade to grade is essential to achieve language proficiency.

Our experience with the West Palm Beach School District and others like it in New York and beyond has led us to develop 6 Unique Advantages to employing Sube as a district-wide language program:

Virtual Training Academies - Live

The need for ongoing professional development has never been more acute. Unfortunately, budgets have never been tighter.

As an innovative solution to both, three years ago, Sube started hosting virtual training events via Skype.

The feedback we received was overwhelming. In fact, the response was so positive we recorded one of the events and turned it into a free 18-part tutorial you can watch online at “The Sube Training Academy.” Not surprisingly, that series quickly became one of our most useful and heavily trafficked features.

Still, what most administrators want to know is...

“If I use Sube, can I host a personalized web event for the teachers in my district?”


At Sube, we want to see you and your teachers succeed. These personalized, hands-on, see-the-curriculum-in-action events are the most effective tool we’ve developed so far.

Add to that the benefits of zero travel time, zero travel costs, and scheduling on your timetable and the live Virtual Training Academy is a win all around!



One-on-One Coaching

The second question we get from administrators is, “What about individualized follow up?”

Again, this is where district or school-wide orders give us a unique opportunity to invest.

Once the virtual training event is completed, you and your teachers not only get continued access to Sube’s resource-rich website and support you also get one-on-one access to the curriculum’s developer herself, Agnes Chavez.

For every Classroom Kit you purchase, each of your teachers will receive a complimentary, one-on-one coaching session!

These invaluable sessions are a great way to troubleshoot, get insider tips and tricks, and learn more about differentiated learning and Sube’s multisensory methodology.

We also offer ongoing coaching and consulting on a contract basis.



Real Support & Custom Solutions

Sube’s “full-service” guarantee goes way beyond the curriculum itself.

While we pride ourselves on the comprehensiveness of each Kit and love to call attention to its 3 full years of content, 288 hours of class, and over 250 multisensory activities, we don’t stop there.

What really sets Sube apart is our personal and professional commitment to meeting your teacher’s needs, whatever they might be.

Here’s a perfect example…

A few months ago, Margaret called to ask if we had a way to display the Flashcards through her classroom’s overhead projector. Great idea! Problem was, we hadn’t developed that feature yet.

After talking it over, we discovered that creating digital copies that could easily be printed out and displayed through an overhead was a pretty simple task. So we made them—just for her—and sent them out via email within the week.

Whatever you or your teachers might need—whether it’s digitizing a resource, customizing an activity, or just getting a bit of guidance on a particular lesson—we’ll do our best to make it happen.



Research-Based Teaching Strategies for the 21st Century

At Sube, language is our passion.

From being early adopters of Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, to integrating communicative and “natural” approaches to language learning, to actively participating in the dialogue between the arts and STEM subjects, we love staying on top of the latest academic research in teaching methodology.As a result, we are constantly updating and expanding our curriculum to assure that your language program meets the standards and the needs of today’s increasingly culturally diverse students.

As a result, we are constantly updating and expanding our curriculum to assure that your language program meets the standards and the needs of today’s increasingly culturally diverse students.Our latest round of updates focuses on equipping teachers for the

Our latest round of updates focuses on equipping teachers for the 21st century classroom.In recognition of her work, our

In recognition of her work, our president and founder, Agnes, has earned numerous honors, like the 2012 New Mexico Women in Technology Award. Most recently she was invited to present at the 33th International Thailand TESOL Conference and to contribute to an edited volume by Media-N: The Journal of the New Media Caucus on the importance of creativity and imagination in our educational institutions.For your teachers and students, this not only means

For your teachers and students, this not only means up-to-date curriculum that gets results but more specifically...Over 250 Multisensory Activities

  • Over 250 Multisensory Activities
  • Differentiated Instruction for All Learning Modalities
  • Spiraled (or, Scaffolded) Content for Multi-Grade Scaling
  • Extensive Art, Music & Multimedia Integration
  • Interdisciplinary and Cross-Curriculum Projects
  • Easy Alignment with Science, Math & Other Core Subjects


Results-Oriented Evaluations

Sube’s “Accountability Pack”—our extensive bank of tests and evaluation tools—is built on two forms of assessment: performance based and traditional.

(1) Performance-Based Assessment

Focused on meaningful knowledge and skills, performance-based assessments enable instructors to evaluate their student’s learning process itself and not just the final outcomes.

Performance-based learning is designed into every Sube activity, empowering the students to self-assess and improve. In addition, teachers can use the four-page Benchmark Evaluation Chart on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to track each student’s progress. The Chart is broken down into five categories: (1) Communication, (2) Critical Thinking, (3) Geometry and Spatial Sense, (4) Print Awareness/Early Writing, and (5) Creative Arts.

This ongoing and global approach to evaluation under-girds traditional development, and not only makes diagnosing, addressing, and tracking easier it also readies students for language in the real world.

(2) Traditional Assessment

Of course, our Kits also include traditional assessment tools like individualized assignments and unit tests that naturally spiral from grade to grade so that transitions between classrooms and skill levels are consistent and progressive.

You can download samples of each Kit’s Accountability Pack and read more about Evaluation and Assessment here.


Comprehensive Standards Alignment

As our 20 years of experience has proven, Sube easily aligns with all state and national standards.

Because alignment is such an important area for administrators, we’ve made the full version of our detailed Standards Alignment Guides available here.



Leading Educational Endorsements

And one extra advantage for good measure.

In addition to the recommendation of teacher and administrators alike, Sube has also earned the endorsement of numerous thought-leaders in the educational world.

We’ll end with two of our favorites...

The Sube materials offer unique and authentic construction for teaching Spanish, intertwined with culture, and can augment learning in challenging and interesting ways.

The students will not be bored.

Dr. Eugene Garcia Sube TestimonialDr. Eugene Garcia
Former Dean of the Mary Lou Fulton College of Education at ASU

Sube is engaging and conceptually sound. It hooks kids at both the cognitive and motivational levels. I really like the game aspect of it.

Sube is a unique program and I don’t know of anything else out there that’s like it.

Robert J. Marzano, PhD Sube TestimonialRobert J. Marzano, PhD
Educational Industry Leader & CEO of Marzano Research Laboratory