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About Sube

The Sube Story

Video produced in 2008.

Founded in 1996, Sube is a comprehensive, multisensory language program designed specifically for elementary (primary) classrooms. After 20 years, Sube continues to stand out as the only genuinely “full-service” classroom Kit on the market. When we say “everything you need in one convenient box,” we mean everything. You can check out each Kit’s entire inventory here:

Beginners Spanish Kit
Intermediate Spanish Kit
Beginners English Kit

Learn Spanish ESL elementary curriculum, Sube was founded in 1996

What Makes Sube Unique?

Instead of bombarding kids with vocabulary lists and a hodgepodge of worksheets that cover the same content the same way, over and over again… Sube’s curriculum focuses on thirty-two (32), thematically organized core lessons that combine with over 250 activities to create 288 hours of instruction for a unified, sequential, and above all varied teaching format.

Multisensory, Multicultural & 21st Century Ready

Built on multisensory and multimedia activities from the worlds of art, music, and collaborative play, Sube engages the needs and diverse learning modalities of every student. Sube’s multicultural focus deepens students’ appreciation for their own culture and the culture of others. Kids dance to original Latin rhythms in the Sube Spanish music videos. And with the English language learners (ELL) videos, students groove to gospel, blues, and pop.

Ahead of its time from day one, Sube’s 21st Century approach focuses on creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. By grounding itself in real-world activities and lesson’s, Sube’s deeply varied curriculum readies students for the challenges that await them in the future.

How Much Variety?

Sube's Kits contain over 250 differentiated activities—lesson plans, exercises, worksheets, games, books, videos, sing-alongs, and more. Together these activities add up to more than 288 hours of class time for a grand total of three (3) sequential academic years.

3 years & 288 Hours in 1 Kit

Sube’s uniquely “spiraled” curriculum allows you to deepen and challenge students’ real world language proficiency by repeating the study of a subject at three (3) different grade levels. Each year the content advances to at a higher level of difficulty and increases in depth.

Plus, the Kits include all the reproducibles, assessment tools, tracking-charts, and standard alignment guides you’ll need to teach a multi-grade curriculum with accurate scope and sequence.

About the Founder

Teach Spanish ESL curriculum with music and games, Agnes Chavez, Founder of Sube

Raised in a bilingual home to Cuban immigrants, Agnes experienced first hand the struggles and blessings of maintaining two languages. She first developed the Sube Spanish as an afterschool program to motivate her son and other children in her community to learn Spanish. Agnes Chavez, the developer and president of Sube, Inc., is an educator, entrepreneur, and new media artist.

She has won numerous entrepreneur awards, most recently the 2012 New Mexico Women in Technology Award for Sube’s innovative educational tools and programs. For a full list, visit LinkedIn  or download Agnes’ resume.

Connect with Agnes on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Where’s Sube Now?

Since 1996, when Sube officially launched, the Kit has evolved into two complete, full-service classroom curriculums.

In 2004, Agnes collaborated with TESOL specialists to adapt the system for English language learners. Out of this collaboration, the Sube English Kit was born.

Over the past 20 years, Sube has served over 433,588 students in roughly 5,064 classrooms. In addition to the United States, Sube’s Spanish and ESL Kits are now in over 11 countries.

Whether it’s being used in traditional classrooms, afterschool programs, language schools, dual language programs, world language programs, FLES, or any one of numerous ESL and EFL programs for both children and adults, Sube’s core remains the same…Teaching Language thru Art, Music & Games.


Agnes Chavez, President

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