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SpanishTeach Spanish The Ultimate Spanish Sample Sube

You'll receive a link to download our 80-Page Ultimate Sube Sampler PDF, which includes:

  • 8-Step “How It Works” Guide
  • 3 Full Lesson Plans
  • Unit Introduction & Unit Overview
  • 9 “Enhancements” Activities
  • 6 Additional Games & Art Projects
  • Early Reader “Mini” Book: ¿Dónde está?
  • 3 Musical Background Sheets 
  • Prueba de la Unidad (Unit Test)
  • TESOL Standard Alignment Sample


This 10-page PDF is taken straight out of the Beginner Lesson Manual and includes Unit 1 in its entirety: Animals.

Like all the other eight units, it contains:

  • Scope and Sequence for 3 Proficiency Levels
  • Comprehensive Vocabulary List for Making Word Walls
  • Suggested Conversational Phrases
  • Unit Overview
  • 4 Ready-to-Go Lesson Plans 
  • Take-Home Sheet for Parents