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Three Years for the Price of One!

Each Sube kit is built around 8 thematic units, with 4 lesson plans per unit. Sube's Beginner Lesson Manual contains 32 weeks of lesson plans. Combined with over 250 activities and a 58-page Student Workbook, that makes 96 hours of content per year, with 3 full years of content. All of it ready to go!

Our Sube kits are perfect for elementary grade students. 

Combined, the Beginner and Intermediate Kits provide 6 years of content spanning K-5th grade. All of Sube’s lessons, activities, and games contain “spiraled” curriculum, so you can deepen and challenge your students’ language skills year after year... after year. Every Sube activity has distinct versions that let you advance your students to higher and higher levels of complexity while at the same time repeating familiar themes and concepts.

The Sube Difference - We Help Teachers Like You

The Sube Difference - We Help Teachers Like You

Teach ESL SSL Elementary Curriculum with Sube Check-mark Icon"I don’t have the time to develop a whole curriculum."
Our kit is full of comprehensive field-tested lesson modules and materials. Everything you need in one box. No prep time. Ready to go lessons.

Teach ESL SSL Elementary Curriculum with Sube Check-mark Icon"I only have 1-3 hours a week to teach Spanish and I'm not making enough progress."
Our curriculum is designed around multi-sensory strategies proven to help children develop speaking skills. Sube is built to make the most out of 1-3 hours per week.

Teach ESL SSL Elementary Curriculum with Sube Check-mark Icon"I want to teach Spanish through art and games but I'm not sure how."
We build classroom strategies right into the art and games activities. Our step by step instructions make it easy.

Sube Understands Administrators - Develop a successful district-wide language programCustomizable Solutions - We're here for you and will work with you to customize Sube for your specific needsStandards Alignment - Make aligning your curriculum with nation and state standards easierVolume Purchases - Discounted activity books to cover your entire school or district

Sube is Tailor-Made for School Systems

ESL SSL Curriculum Map1) Curriculum Map

Sube activities are organized into a convenient chart by related theme and skill base: literacy, math, communication, creative arts, etc. Each activity is labeled with an icon that estimates time duration. Now you can customize your lessons and identify learning gaps quickly and easily.

2) Scope & Sequence

Get a once over of each unit’s learning objectives in the Aim section as well as a list of all activities: Core, Ongoing, and Enhancements. This helps you integrate your language unit into other core curriculum and customize your teaching to meet specific learning objectives.

3) Unit Tests

Unit tests were designed to help you assess student progress. They can be administered before each unit (to demonstrate prior knowledge) or after (to demonstrate growth). Student-directed tests and teacher-directed tests are included for every unit.

4) Standards Alignment

Sube easily aligns with all state and national standards. Our detailed Standards Alignment Guides give you the tools you need to ensure your language program is complaint.

5) Benchmark Evaluation ChartEnglish Spanish Teach Benchmark Evaluation

Teachers can use the four-page Benchmark Evaluation Chart on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to track each student’s progress. This ongoing and global approach to evaluation under-girds traditional development, and not only makes diagnosing, addressing, and tracking easier it also readies students for language in the real world.

6) Parent Take Home Letter

Keep parents involved and up to date in their child’s language development.

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