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When you purchase your Sube kit, you'll not only get all of the components listed on the site, but you'll also get:

  • Free Hour Long Skype Call with Agnes Chavez, Sube Creator
  • Free Email & Phone Support
  • Help with Making Sube Right for You

We'll work with you to customize Sube for your specific classroom needs. Read what David and Christina Sluka have to say about their Sube experience:

From our first contact with Sube, we've been extremely satisfied with the support we've received. From thoroughly answering questions about the curriculum when we were investigating what to implement in the school, to ordering and shipping to Paraguay, to ongoing support and mentoring via email, phone, and Skype video, we've been delighted with the customized service Sube has provided.

Seriously... delighted!

The Skype [video] support provided us with creative ideas and information that we could immediately implement in the classroom. The live feedback and customized response made an immediate impact in the classroom. We put Agnes’ recommendations to use the next day.

David and Christina Sluka Sube TestimonialDavid & Christina Sluka
Escuela y Colegio Privada Cristiana Betania

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