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Video Tutorials

Welcome to the Sube Training Academy

There’s nothing like a hand-on demonstration to help you improve implementation and maximize the effectiveness of your language program.

The following tutorials were originally recorded as a live, 2-hour training event by the founder and innovator of Sube, Agnes Chavez, and a group of real teachers getting ready to launch the Beginner Spanish Curriculum Kit for the very first time. The response was so positive, we decided to turn the event into an online training course.

To make this training easy to manage, we broke the tutorials into 18 individual videos and organized them into 6 categories.

1. Introduction to Sube (4 Videos)

2. Lesson Manual & Evaluations (6 Videos)

3. Flashcard Game (8 Videos)

4. Interactive Sing-Along Multimedia (1 Video)

5. ¡Ay Caramba! Bingo Game (6 Videos)

6. Silly Sentence Game (3 Videos)