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ESL - A Look Inside

The curriculum is divided into eight units. Each unit introduces a new theme and includes four ready-to-go one-hour modules. These modules can be used as a template to create additional lessons. Children will express themselves through movement, art, writing and interactive games with every new theme. Each class is divided into five categories: Conversation, Flashcards, Activities, Activity Book and Video. This variety of media makes the class fast-moving and fun for the kids.

What's Inside

ESL Teacher’s Lesson Manual

335-page Teacher’s Lesson Manual is the heart of Sube’s curriculum.

Bursting with practical insights, teaching tips, preparation lists, how-to instructions, alignment guides, scaffolding charts, reproducible assessments, and so much more.

20 years of research, insight, and hands-on experience in one practical book.

English beginner teacher's lesson manual
  • 32 Individual Lesson Plans
  • 250+ Activities: Core, Ongoing & Enhanced
  • Scope & Sequence Overviews for Every Unit
  • Curriculum Map for Organizing & Prioritizing
  • 8 Unit-Specific Curriculum Planners
  • Comprehensive Vocabulary List
  • Take-Home Sheets for Students & Parents

Plus, our teacher’s toolbox makes managing your class a breeze:

  • Unit-by-Unit Tests & Assessments
  • Benchmark Evaluation Charts to Track Students
  • Guides to Correlate Sube with Other Core Curriculum
  • Standards Quick Reference Chart for Alignment (TESOL)


ESL Lesson Overview Take-Home Example Sube

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ESL Flashcards

What’s so special about flashcards?
Answer: everything.

130 laminated cards color-coded by theme: animals, food, home, verbs, clothes, body, places, and opposites.

Teach ESL flashcards vocabulary intermediate grade 3-5

Durable, versatile, and fun… these simple yet fully integratable flashcards are just one of the custom touches that sets Sube apart.

Used throughout the year at strategic intervals, the Sube flashcard games go beyond vocabulary acquisition, to develop comprehension, critical thinking and speaking skills.

Watch the flashcards come to vibrant and full-sentence life in the music videos, the books, the worksheets, and hundreds of multisensory activities.

Combining Sube’s unique “spiraling” technique with a nearly inexhaustible supply of classroom management strategies and teaching tips, these one-of-a-kind flashcards do more than you ever thought possible:

  • Learn & Review Vocabulary
  • Develop Speaking & Conversation Skills
  • Learn sentence structure and basic grammar
  • Integrate with art to reinforce learning
  • Play Games… Tons of Games
  • Even Engage in Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

And forget about matching up content.

Sube’s Flashcards, Lesson Manual, Activity Book, and Music Videos are all built around the same themes, vocabulary words, and communication skills.

Games like “Show and Tell,” “Donde Esta,” and the “Silly Sentence Game” (just to name a few) gently coax students into speaking in full sentences and experimenting with their new language.

Similarly, the call-and-response activities for both groups and individuals make this a powerful tool for real world language proficiency.


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Student Activity Books

58-page, spiral-bound Activity Book is fully reproducible and handout ready for classrooms, schoolwide and districtwide.

Organized thematically, each of the Activity Book’s 8 units provides 6 to 8 individual worksheets that reflect and reinforce material from that month’s activities, games, and songs.

English elementary student activity book

Perfect for in-class activities or take-homes, the worksheets include:

  • Vocabulary Exercises
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Multiple Choice
  • Subject, verb, adjective exercises
  • Sentence making activities
  • And Coloring… just for the fun of it
  • Multisensory integration equals more long-term retention and fewer wandering eyes.

And, you’ll never have to hunt for matching content again.

Developed to work hand-in-hand with Sube’s Lesson Manual, Flashcards, and Music Videos, each of the Activity Book’s four-week units are built on the very same set of vocabulary and communication skills as the Kit’s other resources.


ESL Testimonial Sluka Sube


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Early Reader Books & Reproducibles

56-page reproducible and coil-bound workbook.

8 early reader stories, one for each monthly theme.

Unlike the “one books fits all” approach of most curriculums, Sube’s Early Reader Books are designed to be easily and inexpensively reproduced on a student-by-student basis.

English grade elemenary book early reader

Part reading activity, part art project... students cut, assemble, and color their own, self-created books. Plus, the student copies’ manageable size makes them perfect both for the classroom and for the home.

Perfect for handouts, art projects, and read-along activities.

And, just like Sube’s other tools, each of the eight (8) stories aligns with and reinforces the vocabulary and themes introduced in the Teacher’s Lesson Manual, Activity Book, and Sing-Along DVDs & CDs.

Comprehension questions and a list of key vocabulary words for each story make these books powerful and easy-to-integrate tools for language learning across grades.

Enjoy a variety of stories and casts of wonderful characters that amuse kids and teachers alike.

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Alpha Word Game

14 fully laminated pages.

This coil bound book is more than a crystal-clear guide to the English alphabet.

English beginner curriculum word game alpha

A phonetic-based game for groups and individuals, the Alpha Word Game teaches students both the sounds and shapes of English letters. For instance, by associating the letter “a” with pictures of an "apple" and a “coat”, children are asked to choose the items that begin with the corresponding letter.

Simple, engaging, easy-to-implement, and incredibly effective.

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Sing-Alongs Music Videos

8 original songs in both DVD and CD format.

Two interactive products in one.

Culturally authentic music written exclusively for Sube.

Gospel, Pop, Blues, Native American and TexMex reflect the rich cultural diversity of North American music. Authentic tunes brought to life in original, vibrant, and educational videos that show children engaged in the real-life activities they love: going to the zoo, dressing up, creating art, and more.

Built upon the very same vocabulary and content as Sube’s Lesson Manual, Activity Book, and Flashcards, each song corresponds to one of the eight (8) monthly themes: Animals, Food, Home, Verbs, Clothes, Body, Places, and Opposites.

Plus, by bringing together the rhythms, sights, and sounds from regions of the U.S.A, these Sing-Alongs nurture students’ understanding and appreciation of other cultures and their relationship to language.

Lyrics included.


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    Memory & Go Fish

    2 Classic Games. 80 Laminated Cards.

    20 pairs of strategically chosen vocabulary words.

    Teach English ESL memory card game go fish

    40 cards per game.

    Memory and Go Fish are favorites the world over.

    By utilizing these familiar classics, children practice conversation skills, discover matching cards, learn visual association, and develop critical thinking skills… all while playing with their friends.

    Designed to supplement the Food and Animal Units, these cards can be also used to play other games that integrate matching pairs or to augment other lessons.


    ESL Testimonial Vizcarra Sube



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      Yeehaw! Bingo

      32 Laminated Cards. 32-page Bingo Book. 100 Colorful Chips.

      When the Bingo card's full, shout out “Yeehaw!”

      Played in teams, this fun and energetic adaption of ESL Bingo encourages both fast-paced learning and cooperation.

      Bingo does it all.

      Detailed teaching strategies spiral and deepen learning by moving students from identifying vocabulary, to comprehending sentences, to constructing their own. Bingo even exercises critical-thinking skills by challenging students to solve game-winning language problems.

      Want to change things up?

      Let your students play independently as small groups to develop their interpersonal skills. Conversation starters like “I have it...,” “That is not a cow...,” and “My shirt is red, not blue...” add structure and create the kinds of real-word interactions that make for lasting learning.

      For teachers...

      he Bingo Book includes thumbnail pictures of each card along with its corresponding vocabulary word and literally hundreds of full-sentence samples to make developing your students’ communication skills easy regardless of their proficiency or grade levels.

      Challenge your advanced students by letting them be the caller and using the Bingo Book to guide them.

      Each sets corresponds to one of four themes: Animals, Food, Clothes, and Combinations.



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        Alphabet Snake Puzzle

        30 laminated puzzle pieces form the Alphabet Snake.

        Assemble the alphabet and watch the snake appear or play games where children call out words that begin with the selected letters.

        ESL puzzle game alphabet vocabulary words

        Aesthetically rich and wonderfully adaptable, this puzzle (along with its “spiraled” variations) moves students along the spectrum from lower to higher levels of skill.

        Students begin by learning the alphabet, move on to sound and phonics activities, graduate to word associations, and finally end by crafting complete sentences.

        This colorful puzzle is an excellent independent or guided activity for groups and individuals alike.



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          Art & 21st Century Skills

          100+ inspiring and creative activities built right into your lesson.

          Whether you’re looking for quick-and-easy art projects for daily application or if you want extended, collaborative projects to spread out over a month or more, Sube’s curriculum lets you choose the size and scope right for you.

          These simple, effective, and fun activities not only develop communication skills they also prepare your students for the 21st century by focusing on creativity, innovation, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving.

          Designed with an artist’s eye, and a teacher’s heart...

          Every project is a multisensory adventure. And, because they're built into the lesson plans and supplemental activities themselves, engaging your students in these fun, creative, and innovative ways couldn't be easier.

          All the activities include detailed instructions, preparation guides, materials inventories, skills lists, and alternative versions for different proficiency levels.

          Add a bit of cool to your class and bring your lessons into the real world.

          ManualDaily projects like “Mi Aula” prompt individual students to make a map of their classroom and then to draw, personalize, and discuss as many items as they can.

          Students learn to think creatively and explore their evironment as they apply their new language skills through drawing, modeling, map-making, and more.

          Group projects like “All Aboard” spark the imagination first by getting teams to build a cardboard bus, train, or taxi and then having them travel around their school or neighborhood...

          All the while learning vocabulary and constructing sentences from the Transportation Unit.

          Extended projects like “Town Mural” get everyone involved by guiding your class through the process of constructing an entire city with all its buildings, professions, civic duties, and vehicles on one, giant poster.

          Even better, collaborative projects such as mural making, presentations, and game development teach students to work creatively with others and communicate their ideas in teams, opening their minds to new and diverse perspectives.


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