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Sube Supports Linguistic and Biocultural Diversity. Sube Stands with Standing Rock.


We developed Sube in 1996 because we have always believed it is imperative to protect linguistic, cultural and biodiversity around the world. We understand that they are intrinsically linked and that language has to be taught with this understanding and awareness.  That is why Sube teaches through art, music and games which is the 'true' language of a culture.

In the words of the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity, respect for cultural diversity “widens the range of options open to everyone” and, combined with maintaining biological diversity, is essential to our survival. If we lose diversity, the result will be a seriously reduced quality of life, if not the loss of the very meaning of life itself. If we allow languages and cultures to die, we directly reduce the sum of our knowledge about the environment and the various and many benefits that humankind can derive from it. Respect for biological diversity implies respect for human diversity. Both elements are fundamental to stability and durable peace on earth."

The  Declaration urges: “Prudence must be shown in the management of all living species and natural resources, in accordance with the precepts of sustainable development. Only  in  this  way  can  the  immeasurable  riches  provided  to  us  by  nature  be preserved and passed on to our descendants.  The current unsustainable patterns of production and consumption must be changed in the interest of our future welfare and that of our descendants.” The Declaration calls for a new ethic of conservation and environmental stewardship.

In April, the youth of Standing Rock North Dakota put their lives on hold to stand against the Dakota Pipeline to protect the contamination of our river and water supply, and their sacred ceremonial grounds.This has led to a gathering of over 300 indigenous nations and over 10,000 people of all colors from around the world at the Oceti Sakowin camp. They are coming together to stand up for the protection of our cultural and biological diversity that they understand is crucial to our survival for future generations.

We traveled to meet these youth leaders to give them these banners created by kids from the STEAM Lab@Taos Integrated School of the Arts in Taos New Mexico.

To stand in solidarity with this important cause, 10% of all Sube sales will go to a group or organization that exemplifies and moves forward the important goal set forth in this document. For the month of November and December, the recipient is the International Indigenous Youth Council for their inspiring work to educate and raise awareness to this cause. Through prayer as peaceful water protectors they have inspired the world with their slogan, Water is Life. We support these future leaders in their historic environmental stand to protect our water and sacred lands.

Any Sube purchase during this time will include a donation slip in your name to  International Indigenous Youth Council Fund.






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