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Re-Visualizing "Art" - Powerful Creative Tools at Our Fingertips

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This article, Is Data Visualization Art, explores the creative process of data visualization and asks the familiar question, "but is it art? In the article they explore the different phases of the creation process of data visualization and encourage those working with the medium to recognize the "art" in their work.

In a Wikipedia definition of The Arts, they say "Whether or not a form of creative endeavor can be considered one of "the arts" can be contentious due to the cultural values attached in Western culture to the term "art", which can imply that it is a field elevated above popular culture.

Technology has exploded our artistic palette, and creative individuals in all fields find themselves playing with databases, apps and mobile devices in the same way artists play with paint, crayons and paper. I have played with Data Visualization through a collaboration with programmer Alessandro Saccoia on the (x)treeproject, and through the creative process discovered that the medium itself engaged me in entirely new ways of thinking about objects, data, and what is "real". It challenged my perception of space and time, and connected me to my audience in a way that my drawings on paper do not.... it gave me another perspective.

We, and our students, have these powerful creative tools at our fingertips to express realities that are beyond our imagination. These communication tools challenge us to see and explore the universe from new perspectives. Now creative people in art and non-art fields alike, are creating and sharing expressions that are not so easily categorized or defined. Isn't that what "art" is all about? For some inspiration on thinking out of the box, check out this interview with Jer Thorp, This man makes data look beautiful.

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