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What Is Multi-Sensory Learning?

When Sube talks about using multi-sensory language learning, what exactly do we mean? Well, our method is based on psychologist Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Gardner believes that human intelligence manifests in eight different ways: interpersonal, intrapersonal, logical-mathematical, naturalist, spatial (visual), bodily-kinesthetic, linguistic, and musical.

Understanding that there are that many manifestations of intelligence certainly helps a person realize that no two children will learn the same way. Instead of trying to adapt to teach each individual child who sits in our classroom, why not teach in a multi-sensory fashion that reaches each kid naturally, right where they are? And if that teaching method is fun, even better!

That’s the basis of Sube. We aren’t here to limit the way children learn. Instead, we’re here to make sure each child is reached in all their intelligences, using all their senses. We use plenty of games, activities, and creative challenges to keep the process enjoyable for everyone, and provide all the testing and curriculum organization that teachers need to verify students’ progress as well.

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