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The Sube Method

The Sube Method is a multi-faceted approach to learning Spanish that uses 8 steps to engage every aspect of each student’s life. When students learn on all levels, not only do they retain the information better, but they are more likely to continue to use what they’ve learned. And as we all know, using what we just learned is a great way to make it permanent in our brains.

Step 1) We provide a 10-page hit-the-ground-running guide that gives you, the teacher, an overview of the method and step-by-step instructions on how to get started. Handy! Especially considering how busy teachers are, right? Step 2) There’s a take-home sheet that helps engage your students’ parents in their learning process. Step 3) Hundreds of interactive games and suggested activities help integrate the new words and ideas into students’ minds.

Step 4) uses over a hundred suggested art projects to stimulate the creativity of students. Step 5) Reading and Writing involves both a self-created storybook and an activity book to reinforce vocabulary. Step 6) uses interactive CDs and DVDs teach kids cultural diversity and vocabulary. Step 7) takes students out and about to use their skills in the community. And Step 8) evaluates where each student is in their learning process. All in all, Sube is thorough and engaging.

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