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Learning Language Through Music

Learning through music is one of the most powerful methods out there. Not only does music help kids decode the rhythms and sounds of language for easier digestion, it promotes self-expression, boosts memory, and encourages concentration. Plus it’s fun! Kids like to sing, dance, clap their hands, and be joyful. Music is auditory, rhythmic, creative, and a learned skill – all at once.

Here at Sube, we love that healthy children play in all of the multiple intelligences they are born with. Given a chance, they play with others, think within themselves, track patterns, remember melodies, draw and color, communicate verbally, spend plenty of time moving and dancing, and explore the world around them. It’s beautiful to see them in action!

Each beginner Spanish Sube lesson starts with vocabulary that’s introduced through songs. The rhythms and melodies of the music help the kids memorize the syllables that go with them – a handy trick when you’re teaching them to make sense of a foreign language. Don’t tell us you don’t still remember learning songs too… Come on, sing along with us: A, B, C, D, E, F, G… (you take it from there).

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