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Elementary Spanish Curriculum – What Makes Sube Special?

If you are a teacher who needs to develop elementary Spanish lesson plans or an administrator in charge of finding or designing a Spanish curriculum for elementary students in your district, you have probably looked at more elementary Spanish programs than you ever knew existed.

Here at Sube, our product is special. And in spite of the fact that everyone says that about themselves, here, it’s true.

What Sets Sube Apart from Other Curriculums?

When a teacher goes to college to get certified as a teacher, they study pedagogy – the method and practice of teaching. If they go to a thorough university, they will probably study a variety of teaching styles. Methods like:

Why are there so many ways to teach? Quite simply, because there are so many ways to learn. While it would certainly be easier to only have to teach a singly-faceted Spanish curriculum, it is just not reasonable. Humans are far too beautifully diverse to thrive and learn in that kind of environment.

Sube's methodology is based on Howard Gardner’s 1983 Theory of Multiple Intelligences. A concept that unpacks human intelligence from a simple IQ measurement to a uniquely nuanced balance of eight (8) different types of intelligence: interpersonal, intrapersonal, logical-mathematical, naturalist, spatial (visual), bodily-kinesthetic, linguistic, and musical.

Assuming you’ve spent more than 20 minutes teaching kids in your life, you already know that children and their learning styles are as diverse as those of us in the adult world. Understanding that, Sube is designed to teach in as many ways as possible. Our elementary Spanish lessons use multi-sensory games and activities that are based around a themed unit, essentially casting a wide net in order to keep learning fun and productive for all students.


Does it Work?

Absolutely, yes, Sube works! Robert J. Marzano, PhD, CEO of the educational powerhouse Marzano Research, agrees fully with Sube’s teaching techniques, saying, “Sube is engaging and conceptually sound. It hooks kids at both the cognitive and motivational levels.”

We all know that if you can catch a kid’s attention, their sponge-like minds will learn just about anything you put in front of them. And if you make the process fun at the same time, they’ll line up eagerly to learn from you. Marzano continues, “I really like the game aspect of it. Sube is a unique program and I don’t know of anything else out there that’s like it.”

We don’t know of anything out there like us either. When it comes to a Spanish curriculum for kids, Sube stands alone in both methodology and effectiveness.


How Does Sube Fit into Classroom Needs?

Classrooms need to run like a well-oiled machine, we understand that. Which is why Sube is tailor-made for school systems. Our system comes with an elementary Spanish curriculum map, which is organized into a convenient chart by theme and skill type that allows teachers to immediately spot learning gaps.

In addition, Sube understands the need for solid elementary Spanish curriculum scope and sequence. Each section of our program is broken down into Aim, Core, Ongoing, and Enhancements categories, giving you a clear macro view of how the subject matter fits together within itself, as well as with other aspects of your curriculum.

So there you have it. Sube is a well-rounded training program conveniently boxed in its complete form, ready to open and use by both students and teachers. If you have been searching for a Spanish curriculum elementary kids will love and thrive on and that teachers can follow and present easily, look no further. Sube was designed with you and your students in mind. Try a Sube kit risk free with our 30-day money back guarantee.

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