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Inside a Sube Kit

What’s in Sube for you, the teacher? A lot! There’s a lesson manual that includes 32 planned lessons, over 250 activities, scope and sequence overviews for each lesson, and much more. The Sube Beginner Spanish Learning Kit basically hands you the teaching methods, ready to use! In addition, there are plenty of other teaching tools that make organization and tracking students’ progress a breeze. Ongoing test assessments, benchmark evaluation charts, and curriculum charts are also provided.

Our flashcards cover vocabulary, conversations skills, problem solving, and much more, to keep kids interested and engaged. Other games encourage kids to speak out loud, putting their new skills to use and expanding them as they go. The learning kit also includes a student activity book that keeps them busy while it reinforces the new information they’ve been given.

Other treasures like our early readers book, alpha word game, sing-along discs, memory games, and hundreds of suggested projects and activities all work together to sink this new information deep into students’ minds in a usable way. Sube is everything that learning should be – fun, engaging, and with high returns!

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