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Video Tutorials - Introduction to Sube

1. Introduction to Sube (4 Videos)

2. Lesson Manual & Evaluations (6 Videos)

3. Flashcard Game (8 Videos)

4. Interactive Sing-Along Multimedia (1 Video)

5. ¬°Ay Caramba! Bingo Game (6 Videos)

6. Silly Sentence Game (3 Videos)

Introduction to Sube

This series of videos were recorded from a Skype teacher training in 2007. You can hear the teachers on the other end because it was a live session. We have kept them after all these years because they still demonstrate very well the Sube strategies through a live exchange with teachers.

Agnes Chavez & Sube's Roots

Introduction to the Sube Training

What's Inside the Kit? Part 1

What's Inside the Kit? Part 2