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Sube is engaging and conceptually sound. It hooks kids at both the cognitive and motivational levels. I really like the game aspect of it.

The Sube materials offer unique and authentic construction for teaching Spanish, intertwined with culture, and can augment learning in challenging and interesting ways.

The students will not be bored.

Dr. Eugene Garcia
Former Dean of the Mary Lou Fulton College of Education at ASU


Arts and Crafts with Sube

The Sube program is an exciting and motivating way in which non-Spanish speakers feel safe to try to speak the language. The songs are engaging and the themes cover all aspects of life. The students enjoy the videos, playing bingo, and going over the Spanish sentences.

From the kinder students all through upper elementary, Sube has helped all my students attain the goals set forth by our Spanish department. It is so user-friendly, quick, and easy to use. Thank you Sube for making our Spanish classes engaging and productive.

Norma Quintero Sube TestimonialNorma Quintero
United Day School Spanish teacher P3-6th grade

I am a veteran educator of 30 years with the bulk of my profession spent in Bilingual, Dual Language, and teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language to students K-8. I´ve been the principal of several bilingual buildings at the elementary and middle school level as well as taught ESL Methods at the University level for practitioners preparing to teach ELL students.

Eight years ago I went to a conference and saw Sube demonstrated. I loved it immediately and bought a kit to teach Spanish and English. I have used in every year since then for both purposes and find it to be a superb and interactive curriculum that really stretches the mind to learn language. I have tried several different curriculums but prefer and keep going back to Sube as the main core of my curriculum.

The reason that Sube works is that the films and songs bring in culture as well as authentic language commonly used in Latin America for the main genres of vocabulary. In addition, the games require higher thinking at the analytical level that promote a deeper and more thorough language acquisition. This type of higher level instruction is endorsed in the foundations of teaching language as a second language coursework nationwide. The games can be tiered to different language acquisition levels for the four areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in a flexible and enjoyable way.

Of course the best reason to endorse SUBE is that students love it and it is easy access to use as an instructor. I cannot say enough about this excellent curriculum and give it my highest rating.

Sharon M. Giless
Westmore Elementary School, Lombard (IL)

I feel Sube was a life saver when I was at a charter school. The students enjoyed and waited to hear the music that was part of a zoo activity and learned to sing with the material. It saved my position that year at this school.

Mario Ramos
Kansas City (MO)

I use Sube to teach English at the Kusi Kawsay School in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Pisac, Peru. It is so wonderful: a comprehensive, interactive and complete method! It has made teaching English so much more fun and effective. I am so thankful to have this tool. Urpillay Sonqollay!

Fielding Wood de Vizcarra
Kusi Kawsay Andean School Project


The SUBE program has been utilized in the LCPS schools for six years. It has provided the needed support in our Dual Language schools for Spanish as a Second Language, as well as for enhancing and developing vocabulary for native Spanish speakers.

Emma Armendaris
Bilingual Director, Las Cruces Public Schools

In order to enrich our future and become bilingual at our schools, North Grade Elementary along with the entire West Palm Beach School District adopted Sube! When a teacher has implemented Sube with fidelity and remains in the target language, I can always tell whom their students are as they display the highest level of confidence and pride when communicating in Spanish!

Maritza Barbieri
Assistant Principal
North Grade Elementary & Dual Language Choice

For the past two years, I have been using the SUBE Program to teach Spanish to students in the primary grades. I am beyond pleased with this program. The multisensory approach that it provides appeals to students of all learning styles. The materials are versatile as I'm still discovering new ways to use them in my instruction.

Most importantly, the students that I work with are thrilled to participate in Spanish class and the many activities included in the SUBE Program. I plan on using this program in the years ahead as I find its effectiveness to be evident in the progress and enthusiasm of my students.

Marie McGill
PS 31, Brooklyn (NY)


Agnes with students in the classroom

Aurora Charter School, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota is a dual-language program. For the majority of our students Spanish is their first and home language. Aurora has implemented the SUBE Spanish program for our Pre-Kinder through 2nd grade in assisting our students in establishing a strong foundation in their students' first language (Spanish) as they learn English. It is fun and it engages the students.

Cheryl Avina
Aurora Charter School

Sube has transformed the Spanish program of our magnet school in West Michigan! The assistance offered by Sube paired with the materials and curriculum is a fantastic tool for any Spanish classroom!

Mellissa Zoerhof
Innocademy, Zeeland (MI)

When I got hired last year to teach Spanish to grades 1st-8th I was a little worried about how I would approach each grade with a different curriculum. After doing a ton of research, I came to the conclusion that Sube was what I was looking for. The staff was extemely helpful when it came time to figure out how to break the lessons down as I was only teaching certain grades a few days a week.

That being said, I was very pleased with the overall, colorful materials, easy to follow lesson plans... etc. It certainly made my first year of teaching much easier. Thank you, Sube!

Tracy Nelson
Rolling Hills Charter School, Boise (ID)

I have been used Sube for 5 years. I work in a Christian School in Chicago Heights, IL and I love the curriculum. The students love the DVD and games. The workbooks really help me assess on what level the children are learning. I just started level B last year and experienced fantastic results as well.

Stefany Molina
Cornerstone Christian School, Chicago Heights (IL)

I am really enjoying the Sube program, and my students are having a lot of fun with it! I look forward to seeing the new materials.

Rachel Vanderkamp
Seven Peaks School, Bend (OR)


Teacher and student doing art with Sube

I started using Sube with my two children at home last summer.They loved the Cd! Then, with the help of another mom in my sons Kindergarten class we put together a once a week class using our Sube workbook and CD/DVD.

The children love the class, it is one of their favorite times in the week. We have had such success that I plan on bringing it into his first grade class. I'm hoping Sube will follow us through his elementary years!

Thank you so much for making these materials available to us on an individual bases. With school cuts so high it allows we parents to provide help to our child's class room in a subject that is quickly put aside yet so very important.

Maybe you can be swayed to provide more of the curriculum materials to individuals so we can buy it bit by bit. That would be wonderful. Until that time we will use our workbooks, watch our DVD and listen to the wonderful music spreading Spanish though our school one way or another.

Lisa Wilkinson
Parent Volunteer
Grass Valley Charter School

Thank you for wonderful materials that are durable, well conceived and intelligently delivered. Your reading materials have been used in Nicaragua at the deaf/blind school. They are perfect for early learners of second language learners. Bravo!

Pamela Broido

I use Sube for many years while teaching Spanish at the elementary level. We adopted Sube schoolwide and had much success with the program. Gracias Sube!

Susan Jean Walter


Students and teachers - learn Spanish with Sube!

I don’t know how I discovered Sube products and Agnes Chavez. All I remember is that when I ordered the CD’s, DVD’s and workbooks I was immediately impressed. I wrote Agnes, actually I think I called her to tell her, “I love it, love it, love it.”

As a bilingual speech and language pathologist diagnosing potential speech and/or language disabilities in students ages 3-21 I am keenly aware of the urgent need for this type of material. Approximately one-fourth of the newborns in our country are now Hispanic. Hispanics now constitute one-fifth of the nation’s young children (infants through eight-year-olds) and are projected to be a quarter of all young children in the United States by 2030.

I am very concerned that our Hispanic kids lag well behind their White counterparts, on measures of school readiness when they start kindergarten and subsequently in the primary grades. I see so many different scenarios when I test these children and it is disheartening to see language loss in their native language, Spanish. Sometimes they can’t communicate with their parents! A program such as Sube provides an innovative, fun, and effective way of learning Spanish so they can have a foundation in their native language. This exposure will provide, at least partially, the necessary foundation for the kids to then successfully transfer these skills to English.

Gloria Rojas
Bilingual Speech Pathologist
Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization (NSSEO)


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