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Sube ESL Curriculum Beginner Activity Book for Elementary Grade Levels


ESL Beginner Activity Book


Student Worksheets & Activity Book Developed to work hand-in-hand with Sube’s Lesson Manual, Flashcards, and Music Videos, each of the Activity Book’s four-week units are built on the very same set of vocabulary and communication skills as the Kit’s other resources. 58-page, spiral-bound Activity Book is fully reproducible and handout ready. Organized thematically, each of the Activity Book’s 8 units provides 6 to 8 individual worksheets that reflect and reinforce material from that month’s activities, games, and songs. Perfect for in-class activities or take-homes, the worksheets include: » Vocabulary Exercises » Fill in the Blanks » Multiple Choice » Subject, verb, adjective exercises » Sentence making activities » And Coloring… just for the fun of it. Multisensory integration equals more long-term retention and fewer wandering eyes. And, you’ll never have to hunt for matching content again.

Minium order is 100 units.

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