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Language Tips for the 21st Century

Sube Case Study: Hillbrook School, Los Gatos, CA

Carlota Roa is a Spanish teacher at Hillbrook School, a private K-8 educational facility in Los Gatos, California. Highly experienced, Carlota has taught Spanish for 33 years – beginning in Mexico City, Mexico, and continuing on for the last three decades in the United States. She has taught in all school types (public, private, charter, low income areas, high income areas, etc.). Recently, we sat down to talk to Carlota about why she uses Sube instead of other Spanish teaching programs.  Question:  We’d like you to tell us a little bit about the teaching environment that you work in at...

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Music in Language Instruction

Music is a powerful force in our world. Just about every society in the world has developed their own musical sounds and rhythms, whether they use instruments they make from nature around them or use high-tech electronic gadgets. Music is, quite simply, a universal experience. While the melody and rhythm make music engaging, they also reach further into our minds than we realize.  When children are taught a second language, vocabulary acquisition can be quite a trick. Repetition and other standard memorization techniques all work fine, but if you add music and rhythm to the process, the learning process goes...

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Elementary Spanish Curriculum – What Makes Sube Special?

If you are a teacher who needs to develop elementary Spanish lesson plans or an administrator in charge of finding or designing a Spanish curriculum for elementary students in your district, you have probably looked at more elementary Spanish programs than you ever knew existed. Here at Sube, our product is special. And in spite of the fact that everyone says that about themselves, here, it’s true. What Sets Sube Apart from Other Curriculums? When a teacher goes to college to get certified as a teacher, they study pedagogy – the method and practice of teaching. If they go to...

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Why Multi-Sensory Learning

You’ve probably heard it said that children learn like sponges, and for the most part that’s true. But research over the last couple decades has shown clearly that multi-sensory learning is the sweet spot of education. Children learn uniquely, have stress, feel poorly, have learning disabilities, struggle with social issues, and face a host of other distracting difficulties.  The variety of multi-sensory learning helps draw and keep children’s attention. That variety has proven to be invaluable to children in the traditional school system and private and home schools, as well as children with learning disabilities or autism. All types of...

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Inside a Sube Kit

What’s in Sube for you, the teacher? A lot! There’s a lesson manual that includes 32 planned lessons, over 250 activities, scope and sequence overviews for each lesson, and much more. The Sube Beginner Spanish Learning Kit basically hands you the teaching methods, ready to use! In addition, there are plenty of other teaching tools that make organization and tracking students’ progress a breeze. Ongoing test assessments, benchmark evaluation charts, and curriculum charts are also provided. Our flashcards cover vocabulary, conversations skills, problem solving, and much more, to keep kids interested and engaged. Other games encourage kids to speak out...

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