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SSL Curriculum Beginner Bingo Ay Caramba for Elementary Grade Levels


Spanish Beginner Ay Caramba Bingo Set Reorder

32 laminated color cards and 32-page spiral-bound calling book plus 100 colorful bingo chips to play Sube's Ay Caramba Bingo Game.

When the bingo card is full, shout out "Ay Caramba!". Played in teams, this fun and energetic adaptation of Bingo encourages fast-paced learning and cooperation.

Sube Bingo does it all.

Detailed teaching strategies spiral and deepen learning by moving students from identifying vocabulary, to comprehending sentences, to constructing their own. Sube Bingo even exercises critical thinking skills by challenging students to solve game-winning language problems.

Want to change things up?

Let your students play independently as small groups to develop their interpersonal skills. Conversation starters like "Yo lo tengo...", "mi camisa es roja...", add structure and create the kinds of real-world interactions that make for lasting learning.

For teachers...

The bingo book contains thumbnail pictures along with its corresponding vocabulary word and literally hundreds of full-sentence samples to make developing your students communication skills easy regardless of their proficiency or grade level. Challenge your advanced students by letting them be the caller and using the Bingo Book to guide them.

Each set corresponds to one of four Sube themes: Animals, Food, Clothes and Combo.

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