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SUBE Academy: A Professional Development Teacher Training Program

SUBE ACADEMY: A Professional Development Training for Teachers.

Learn how to teach Spanish to kids through Art, Music & Games.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis that has teachers urgently needing to teach online or in hybrid classroom models, we have created the SUBE ACADEMY, a professional development course designed to train teachers field tested strategies for teaching Spanish as a second language or as a foreign language for children. Through this online platform teachers can now learn how to implement the Sube Methodology. The training includes Sube lessons and games as well as all the strategies and tools for teaching Spanish to elementary grade students in a hybrid online-home-classroom format. The Sube Academy professional development tool also provides a live and interactive forum with other Sube teachers for continued support.

Format: Zoom

Duration: 4 hours

Participants: Up to 50 teachers per training

Please contact us for pricing and to register for this new program which begins fall semester 2020.